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KRC Leagues


KRC runs both dressage and showjumping league evenings throughout the year. These evenings are open to both members and non-members, although members can earn league points for entering and placing in classes.

The league year runs from October to September.

Points Calculation

Points awarded depend on the number of entries in a class, with those placing higher receiving more points.

All competitors out of the top 6 in any class will earn 1 point. This includes competitors who are eliminated or who enter and do not compete. Competitors who place in the top 6 will receive 2 points for the lowest place, up to a maximum of 7 points for the highest place.

Example: A class has 10 competitors. 1st place receives 7 points, 2nd 6 points, 3rd 5 points, 4th 4 points, 5th 3 points, 6th 2 points. The other 4 competitors receive 1 point each.

Example: A class has 4 competitors. 1st place receives 5 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 3 points, 4th 2 points.

Dress Code

Whilst jackets, stocks or ties and light jodhpurs are preferred, if this is not possible then please make sure that you and your horse are clean and well turned out as you would be for any other competition that you have entered.

Hats, to currently approved British Safety Standards, must be worn at all times when mounted.



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