Keysoe Riding Club is affiliated to Area 7 of the British Riding Club which covers the Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire Counties.

We aim to help riders across the UK develop their skills and enjoy riding. Our members have access to a broad range of opportunities for riders of all levels to compete, train and socialise. We also offer a host of additional benefits to our members. As well as competitions for all levels arranged by local clubs, BRC run six Championships per year as well as classes at some of the biggest equestrian events in the UK. For more Area 7 info follow this link.

Intermediate Winter Championships


BRC are pleased to announce that leading horse and rider wear brand Equi-Thème will be returning as the sponsor for the 2018 British Riding Clubs Intermediate Winter Championships. 

The qualifiers get underway in October, and the championships will feature both dressage and show jumping competitions for junior and senior members. The dressage sections include both team and individual classes from prelim to advanced medium levels, while the show jumping also includes both team and individual classes with the first round starting at 90cm.

BRC Festival of the Horse

BRC has the pleasure of welcoming Fibre-Beet as the title sponsor, who are very generously supporting us for the first time this year. 

The Festival of the Horse Championships consists of two competitions; the Challenge and the Combined Training.

This competition is designed to be a test of a horse and rider’s ability to negotiate a show jumping course together with a cross-country course. The challenge consists of 7 to 10 show jumps, followed by 15 to 25 cross-country efforts.

Horse Trials Championships


BRC are delighted to welcome back NAF as sponsors of the 2018 National Horse Trials Championships.

The BRC NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships is a competition for both seniors and juniors, teams and individuals. The event consists of dressage, show jumping and cross country phases as well as roads and tracks and steeplechase for selected classes. This is a true test for all disciplines and one of the rare competitions where all 3 original cross country tests are executed.

National Championships


BRC are delighted to have NAF as title sponsor again this year for the National Championships.

Riders are able to compete in a range of competitions at this championship, from dressage to style jumping both individually and as part of a team. We also have a couple of direct entry dressage classes which do not require any qualification (please see below). For eligibility of horse and rider, and to see what a combination is eligible to compete in, please see the current BRC Handbook.

Dressage to Music

The Dressage to Music Championships offers a range of classes for both senior and junior members allowing competitors to ride from prelim up to our unique ‘pick your own’ class, which caters for those wishing to compete at medium and advanced medium level. The Dressage to Music Championships is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun in the dressage arena. We also have pairs classes at this championship. 2018 see's some direct entry classes added onto this championship, meaning they are non qualifying competitions - for details on these classes and eligibility requirements, please refer to the current BRC Handbook. 


If you enjoy competing in dressage, why not try quadrille? The display is set to music with a team of four riders wearing themed costumes. The display should demonstrate horsemanship, but doesn’t necessarily have to be based on dressage movements. The selection trial is held on 1 October at the British Riding Clubs Dressage to Music Championships. Four teams are selected to go through to the championships.


This team jumping event is held at the fabulously renowned Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. The teams are made up of three horses and riders; one Novice combination jumping 85cm, one Intermediate combination jumping 95cm and one Open combination jumping 1.05m. Each combination rides one round against the clock. The team with the fewest combined faults and fastest combined time wins. This is a truly memorable event, not only anabeling our members to compete at this sacred ground, but creating a great camp atmosphere where friends are made for forever. The shopping is also beyond compare!

Bleinham Horse Trials

The 90cm and 100cm Riding Club and Pony Club Team Eventer Challenges are kindly sponsored by Dodson & Horrell. These very popular events are grass-arena-based competitions, held in the Bladon and Hensington Arenas, over a testing course of show jumps and cross-country fences with an optimum time for completion. The team with the lowest cumulative score are the winners, and there is also an award for the most stylish rider. KRC are proud to boast true camaraderie and team spirit whenever we have been a part of this prestigious event.