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Teams and Qualifiers

For information and dates about the BRC competitions please see the Area 7 page.

Please note the updated Flu Vaccination Rules for Area Qualifiers - Click here to read them.

First of all, please ensure you are a current Member - go to Membership.

Teams entries have to be registered with a prelim entry to the British Riding Clubs office 3 weeks before the closing date of the event; therefore we need your commitment often 4 to 5 weeks before the event takes place.

Details on all competition formats, eligibility, tack summary and vaccination rules can be found in the British Riding Club Handbook.

Pre Entry fees payable to BRC

The full entry fee for area competitions comprises of the fee to the organising club plus a BRC pre-entry fee paid directly to Head office.

KRC pays half of the pre-entry fee per entry on behalf of its members. The fee members pay to enter Area Qualifiers via My Riding Life reflects these two elements.

KRC will refund the other half of this pre-entry fee back to its members once they have competed at an area competition, capped at a maximum refund of 2 entries per rider.

Team Selection Process

For the benefit of any new members, we thought it would be useful to let you know how we make our team selections. 

Our aim is always to enter as many teams as we can, rather than just individuals. 

We will review all entries close to the deadline and if we think we need riders for particular classes we will put out a request on FB  / by email. 

If we have more riders than can fit in teams we will aim to give everyone who has expressed an interest a position in a team, especially where they have entered more than one class. But we do also want to be competitive and will take into account your results, past performance and any feedback from training sessions. Team commitment, support to the club and your completion of volunteer hours may also be included in our decision making. 

In order to help us, we would be grateful for entries not to be left to the last minute and that you also include in the notes section whether would like to be considered for a team. Submission of vaccination and passport details is a pre-requisite for entry and we are looking at ways to make this a simpler process. 

We look forward to receiving your entries for the upcoming events. 

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