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KRC Evening Show Jumping League
Arrive - Compete - Leave

The SJ League is held at Keysoe International starting from 5:30pm.


All entries to be made in advance online: to make online entries look at our Calendar.

For starting times visit KRC Event Times

For results visit KRC Event Results.

Click here to read the SJ league rules and view the map.

Classes are run under BS Table A Two Phase Competition rules.

See below for more details.

Classes at 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1m.

Dates for 2021 SJ League:

Open to Members and Non-Members but only KRC Members accrue League Points.

KRC Member League Points:

1st = 7 points

2nd = 6 points

3rd = 5 points

4th = 4 points

5th - 3 points

6th = 2 points

entry = 1 point

For all enquiries please contact – 

Ellie Lusted


This competition comprises two phases run without interruption, the finishing line for the first phase being identical with the starting line for the second phase.


The first phase under Table A not against the clock with a time allowed and the second phase under Table A with a time allowed and against the clock.


The first phase is a course of seven to nine obstacles. The second phase takes place over four to six obstacles. 


Competitors penalised in the first phase are halted by ringing the bell after they have jumped the last obstacle or when the time allowed or time limit for the first phase has been exceeded. However, unless eliminated KRC will let you complete the second phase.

Competitors not penalised in the first phase continue the course, which finishes after crossing the second phase finishing line.

The penalty for exceeding the time allowed is one penalty for each second or fraction of a second.

Competitors are placed according to penalties and time in the second phase.

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