What is a KRC voucher?

This is an online coupon worth £5, £10 or £15 or multiples of £15. These can be used to pay for regular training.

How do you get vouchers?

You can earn vouchers by being awesome and volunteering.... After your first 2 hours volunteering, every 4 hours you volunteer you will earn a £5 voucher which will be issued to you via email from the membership secretary in a timely manner. Other people can earn vouchers for you by volunteering on your behalf, or purchasing them from the link below. 

You can purchase vouchers in bulk by clicking on the button...

Why not give a training voucher as a present?

How to make an online payment with your voucher.


Payments can be made by buying vouchers (promo code) in bulk or via PayPal.


If you have purchased vouchers you will need to click on Enter a promo code

And enter your voucher code in the box and click apply.
If you have no more money to pay there will be a check out button rather than the “Check out with PayPal” button. Click that to complete your order.

To complete your order and pay please click on “Check Out…” and follow the normal PayPal instructions.


When your order is successful you will receive a confirmation email.


You can only use one voucher per transaction. Therefore, if you have multiple riders or sessions, you must add these individually to the basket and pay each one at a time.

Training Voucher

Training Voucher


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