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BRC Grassroots Points Leagues

BRC run a Grassroots League for members that wish to take part in Show Jumping or Dressage at lower levels. There will be two separate leagues, one for show jumping and one for dressage. Classes in show jumping will count towards the league when the starting height is 60cm or 70cm and dressage classes at Intro or Prelim will be counted. The aim of these leagues is to target the real grassroots rider and encourage them to compete.

The leagues commence on 1st January and closes on 31st October each year.

Points can be gained at any affiliated British Riding Club or Area holding dressage and/ or show jumping classes. Competitors can compete across all Clubs and Areas. It is not necessary to organise any separate shows or classes for riders to gain points. However, a qualifying class for a BRC Championship may not be used to gain points for these leagues.

Horse Eligibility

Dressage – No BD points at any level.

Show jumping – No BE points (foundation or full)

No BS club points at 80 or above, no BS full points.

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