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Keysoe Riding Club has always supported members training and taking part in TREC competitions. They are great for training your horse and are great fun. 


TREC is a fun riding event usually comprising three phases. The competition involves the skills and situations a rider might encounter on a hack, including map reading (using Ordnance Survey maps usually 1:25 000 scale)  


The three phases: POR (mounted orienteering) You are provided with a map, onto which you copy the route. Then you follow the route at pre-determined speeds (usually between 6 and 12 kph). Along the route there are checkpoints, where you are likely to be given a change of speed. There also may be markers, or tickets, to be noted on your record card, which is also provided. Riders usually start at 5 minute intervals. In Pairs classes this phase is ridden as a pair, with MA and PTV ridden separately. 


MA (control of paces) This is a test to determine the rider’s control of the horse’s paces. Canter as slowly as possible and walk as fast as possible. This will be timed over a marked corridor, up to 150 meters long. 


PTV (cross country trials) A timed course involving up to 16 obstacles aimed to simulate what you may meet on a hack. Some of the course may take place dismounted. You can decline to do an obstacle without being eliminated but must stop and tell the judge at that obstacle.  


After the three phases the points gained by the individual/ pair are totalled and the highest total wins.  


KRC TREC Training days


The Club runs training days where members can practice the control of paces, obstacles, and their map reading skills. You can obtain further details from Jane Dawson 07766 227720. If you would like to compete in affiliated TREC GB competitions contact Sue Squirrel of Keysoe and Three Shires TREC Group on 07920 529474

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