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2018 welcomes a brand new league for our BRC volunteers. There will be a variety of leagues running at different levels, these will be as below:  

Club League Club level will be for volunteers who help at club activities run under BRC rules.

Area League Area level will be for volunteers who help at area activities run under BRC rules.

National League National level will be for all volunteers (including team volunteers) who help at Championships only. 

Volunteers do not need to be members of a BRC Club to enter the leagues, but for non-members and the National League, volunteers must have signed up to the BRC Volunteers’ Club prior to gaining points, which is free to join - please see the Volunteers' Club page for more information on how to do this.

Volunteers will need to fill out all details on the card and have their card signed by the secretary to confirm the number of hours and the role they undertook. It is the volunteers’ responsibility to present the point’s card and fill it out upon finishing your role to the secretary for confirmation. Points will be allocated as 1 point per hour helped. Once 4 hours have been completed, 0.5 of a point will also be recorded for every half an hour volunteered. Checks will be carried out by BRC HQ to ensure the information provided is correct.

The league will commence on 1 January each year and will finish on 31 December. Point cards will need to be posted or emailed to BRC by the 7 day of every month (except January). Points will not be allocated retrospectively. 

Any member of the organising committee will be excluded from this league for the event they are organising. Area Reps are excluded from all leagues. Official Stewards may only be included if they are not acting as OS on the day of the event.

Activities can include but not limited to social events, training camps and competitions. Paid volunteers (such as judges)/officials at events will not be included in the league. 

Rosettes will be awarded to 10th in each league with a sash to first place. A prize for each league will be awarded to first place.

Download the Volunteer League points card here. 

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