PAY NOW: Monday Evening Regular Training with Jo Gummer

PAY NOW: Monday Evening Regular Training with Jo Gummer


Monday Evening sessions with Jo Gummer
On offer are :-

  • Flatwork sessions (2 members for 45 minutes per session) - £15 per person (start times

6.00 and 6.45 (2 sessions) or 6.30 (1 session) so depends on take up

  • Jumping – (upto 4 members for 1 hour per session) - £15 per person). (latest start time



Members need to note that it is not very often that a full course of jumps are available but
Jo runs excellent exercises with a few jumps that are available for the Club’s use on a
Monday evening. (When we have a confirmed course of jumps available we will let
members know in advance)

Booking process and timescale for Monday evening:
1. Members need to text Sylvie (07742113089) by the Friday of the week before i.e 10 days
before the training is due to take place. The text needs to indicate if flatwork or jumping
session is required and the earliest start time you can make.

2. Sylvie will then send text on the Monday before the training is due to take place i.e 7
days before the training- to confirm slot availability or to let Member know that the
sessions are full and that they are on a waiting list.


3. Once the confirmation text has been received that there is a space - Members need to
make their payment on-line by the Thursday of the week before the training.

4. If payment is not received by the Friday directly before the training then the place will
be allocated to anyone on a waiting list to attend. If there is no waiting list the member
will still be expected to pay for the training and will be billed accordingly.


The 10 day timescale is necessary so that if the Riding Club need to cancel training on a
particular day we are able to meet the timescale that Keysoe EC have put in place

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  • Regular Training

    All sessions are run on a first come first serve basis. Generally each session is run for a maximum of 4 riders for one hour duration and additional sessions will only be run if enough bookings are received and facilities are available.


    Please indicate in your booking if you can make alternative times. There may be some situations when additional sessions cannot be run or where those booking late will not get a space.


    All bookings for regular weekday training sessions should be made at least 10 days in advance of the session and online payment made once confirmation of times received by members.


    If cancelling a booking after the 7 day cut off, required for our bookings by Keysoe EC, The Riding Club will only give a refund if the place can be filled by another member.

    If a training session is cancelled a full refund will be given to all members booked into that training slot.

    Cancellation refunds will be by means of credit for a future training booking - monetary refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Club Training Organiser and Treasurer.